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Society Medal and Lecture

Year Recipient
2003 Sir David P Lane
2001 Sir John Cadogan
1999 K E Davies
1997 Sir Alec Jeffreys
1995 Sir Tom Blundell
1993 G W Gray
1991 Lord Porter
1989 Sydney Andrew
1987 C H Reece
1985 G H Fairtlough
1983 G W Cooke
1981 H F W Taylor
1979 R Malpas
1977 Sir Norman Rowntree
1975 F L Rose
1973 G H Beeby
1971 D W Kent-Jones
1969 F Morton
1967 L Hynes
1965 Sir James Taylor
1963 C H Greenewalt
1961 Sir Cyril Hinshelwood
1959 F H Carr
1957 W J Worboys
1955 Sir Eric Rideal
1953 L A Jordan
1951 E C Dodds
1949 F D Snell
1947 R T Colgate
1945 Viscount Leverhulme
1943 Leslie Lampitt
1941 Sir Robert Pickard
1939 Sir Gilbert Morgan
1937 G G Henderson
1935 E F Armstrong
1933 W A Bone
1931 H Levinstein
1929 Sir Richard Threlfall
1927 G P Pollit
1925 W F Reid
1923 C C Carpenter
1920 P Kestner
1918 Sir James Dewar
1916 C F Cross
1914 Sir Henry Roscoe
1912 Sir William Crookes
1910 T Tyrer
1908 Sir Andrew Noble
1906 L Mond
1904 I Remsen
1902 J W Swan
1900 E Schunck
1898 W H Perkin
1896 J Glover

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