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Andrew Logsdail, British Ramsay Fellow 2014 – 2016

‘My Ramsay Fellowship was held at University College London between 2014 and 2016. For my Fellowship, I used multiscale computational modelling to look at how heterogeneous catalysts break down nitrous oxide (N2O), which is a greenhouse gas emitted from diesel engines; using these insights, I then showed how the catalysts could be improved through predictive modelling. Around this core theme, the academic freedom warranted by the Fellowship enabled me to engage in several other projects, such as development of new computational models and investigation of other catalytic materials, which have all shaped my continued scientific interests. In particular, small travel grants really benefitted me as they have provided a foothold for continued long-term collaboration with scientists in Japan, the USA and Mexico, which I wouldn’t have expected to achieve otherwise.’

‘Since completing my Fellowship, I have progressed to a long-term Fellowship at Cardiff University that has allowed me to expand my own research interests and begin the development of my own research group. The Ramsay Fellowship provided me with confidence in my own ability, invaluable experience with regards to managing my own projects, and also provided me with the freedom to express myself through the science I care about. I am a huge advocate for the scheme and would recommend it to any aspiring chemist.’

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