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Dr Scott Hopkins, British Ramsay Fellow 2008-2010

‘I completed my fellowship at Oxford University where I studied the structure and reactivity of gas-phase nanoclusters.

‘In general, I was interested in the chemistry and physics associated with weakly-bound systems, and this extended from studies of rare gas dimers to photo-induced reactions on the surface of catalytic transition metal nanoclusters.

‘I undertook my PhD at New Brunswick, Canada, and short post-doctoral fellowships at Queen's University, Ontario, Canada, and Cambridge University before taking up my Ramsay Fellowship at Oxford University.

‘Following my Ramsay Fellowship, I held a short post-doc (6 months) at Oxford University before moving to the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, as an Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry.

‘Holding the Ramsay Fellowship has been an integral part of my career. As a Canadian academic, it is important to gain research experience abroad so as to bring a new skill set back to Canada and forge professional links with researchers in Europe. The Ramsay Fellowship facilitated this, while allowing me to undertake independent research at a world-class UK research institute. Furthermore, the prestige of holding the Ramsay Fellowship has opened several doors for me professionally and I credit it as a major reason in my short-listing for several positions. Finally, seeing the exceptional careers of many of the Ramsay Fellows that came before me is a source of inspiration and aids in my drive to excel as a scientist.’

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