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Canada International Award

Canadian flag

Established 1975

The International Award is presented to an individual in recognition of outstanding service and contributions in the international sphere to an industry that is based on chemistry, for its processes and/or services. This definition of industry includes not only traditional chemical companies focusing on chemical manufacture and distribution, but also industries such as bio-technology, coatings, crop protection, environmental services, fertilizer, food, mining/metal extraction, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, plastics, pulp & paper and synthetic fibres.

Eligibility: Such outstanding service would usually derive from value creation leading to economic and/or market leadership, or alternatively social and/or environmental leadership. Natural resources which play a big part in the interaction between Canada and the wider world, can often be the catalyst in developing the service need and its fulfilment.

Membership in the Institute or SCI is not a prerequisite for receiving this award.

Description of Award: A plaque

Presented at: The award shall normally be presented at the annual CIC-SCI Canada Awards Dinner, typically held in early April, where the winner will be expected to attend and deliver a short acceptance speech. The winner may be invited to present a lecture at this event.

Frequency: Annual

Nomination Deadline: 30 September

Selected by:

  • SCI Canada Council Chair
  • SCI Canada Director of Awards
  • Other appointments as per approval by SCI Canada Chair
  • CIC Chair
  • CIC Executive Director (non-voting)

Sponsor: CIC/SCI Canada

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