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Castner Medal and Lecture


Established 1946

Hamilton Castner is best known as a pioneer in the field of industrial electro-chemistry. He found a better process for caustic soda manufacture, resulting in the now world-famous mercury cell for the electrolysis of brine. His process was patented in 1892 and was soon established in many parts of the world, making full use of SCI connections. Read more on Hamilton Castner.

Nominated by: Members of either the Electrochemical Technology or Separation Science and Technology Groups

Eligibility: Authority on applied electrochemistry in a subject connected with chemical research

Description of Award: Lecture and medal presentation

Presented at: Electrochem 2017

Frequency: Biennial, or at the SCI Electrochemical Technology Group's discretion. The Castner Medal was most recently award in 2015 to David Williams.

Selected by: SCI Electrochemical Technology Group

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