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Roland Harper Lecture


Established 1993

The lecture honours advanced work in consumer or sensory science. The focus of this award is in bridging the gap between the applied areas of market research, product development and sensory analysis and the industries covered by SCI, in tandem with the fundamental sciences of chemistry, biology, psychology and sociology, which underpin these areas.

The interests of SCI's Food Group, which is in charge of the administration of this award, span across foods and non-foods (such as fragrances, textiles and personal care products), brand effects, consumer behaviour, as well as marketing attributes in environmental and health concerns. To gain a competitive advantage in increasingly crowded markets, a better understanding of factors that influence consumer perception and choice is essential.

Nominated by: SCI Member or Committee

Eligibility: Authority on Consumer and/or Sensory science

Description of Award: Lecture and presentation of a certificate

Presented at: Meeting of the Food Group, or an SCI awards event

Frequency: Open

Selected by: Food Group Committee

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