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Separation Science Lecture

water droplet

Established 1995

The SCI Separation Science and Technology Group covers not only Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange, (its traditional areas of concentration), but also absorption, adsorption, biosorption, distillation, filtration, flotation, membrane application and precipitation.

SCI Separation Science and Technology Group has an international reputation for unique work in developing an disseminating knowledge of separation processes and applications, particularly in relation to sustainable development issues. Coupling creativity with innovation by industry has been a standard feature in all the Group's activities. Members welcome the opportunity to network at Group events, to benefit their respective organisations. Equally beneficial is the training and professional development contribution, especially for the novice in separation science and technology. Companies recognise these benefits and regularly give financial support to some of the Group's events.

Separation technologies are used in every industrial Sector in which SCI operates, from energy and natural resources, through food and pharmaceuticals to chemicals and materials. Their contribution to environmental protection especially in relation to mineral extraction and processing has been outstanding. Biotechnology, in which SCI played a pioneering role, has a key role to play in current approaches. Lectures can come from any field of endeavour.

Nominated by: SCI Member or Committee

Eligibility: Authority in a branch of Separation Science and Technology

Description of Award: Lecture and Certificate

Presented at: Meeting organised by the Separation Science and Technology Group

Frequency: Next application period to be advised

Selected by: SCI Separation Science and Technology Group Committee

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