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Chemistry for Industry Award

Chemistry in Industry

This award is presented to an individual for the successful application of chemistry to enable or support sustainable industrial development in Yorkshire and the Humber region. The definition of industry includes not only traditional chemical companies, but also industries such as coatings, crop protection, environmental services, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and synthetic fibres.

Nominated by: Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Group members

Eligibility: An authority in his/her field. Recipients would likely be key managers from industry in the region, or academics in the region with a clear industry connection, who have made a major contribution to development and implementation of strategies based on chemistry, which have had a significant beneficial impact on the sustainable development of a company or industry sector.

Description of Award: Certificate

Presented at: Yorkshire and the Humber Annual Awards Ceremony

Frequency: Annual

Selected by: Yorkshire and the Humber Awards Committee

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