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Julia Levy Award

Julia Levy Award

Established 2006

The Julia Levy Award is presented to an individual to recognize successful commercialization of innovation in Canada, specifically in the field of Bio-medical Science and Engineering.

Eligibility: The Julia Levy Award recognizes successful commercialization of bio-medical innovation in Canada, with a particular focus, where relevant, on the synergistic relationship between university and business. New product development requires not only leading edge innovation but active management of the commercialization step/s. This award has been established to encourage innovators to give the commercialization step sufficient attention.

Membership in the Institute or SCI is not a prerequisite for receiving this award.

Description of Award: A plaque

Presented at: The award shall normally be presented at the annual CIC-SCI Canada Awards Dinner, typically held in early April, where the winner will be expected to attend and deliver a short acceptance speech. The winner may be invited to present a lecture at this event.

Frequency: Annual

Nomination Deadline: 30 September

Selected by:

  • SCI Canada Council Chair
  • SCI Canada Director of Awards
  • Other appointments as per approval by SCI Canada Chair
  • CIC Chair
  • CIC Executive Director (non-voting)

Sponsor: CIC/SCI Canada

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