Introducing SCI Ambassador, Samuel Armistead

Samuel J Armistead“SCI offers an established society, paving the way through this exciting period science-business development.”

What are your research interests?
Sustainable Geotechnical Solutions, Bio-Geo-Chemistry, The Bio-mineral Interface, Biologically Derived Polymers, High Throughput Micro to Macro Approaches, Interdisciplinary Research.  

Why SCI? How did you first get involved and why would you encourage your peers to join?
In the coming years humanity has major challenges to overcome. Although researchers will play an important role in discovering novel solutions, businesses are at the forefront of successfully implementing new innovations. Through policy and funding shifts it is clear that the science-business interface is becoming a major focus in academia. SCI offers an established society, paving the way through this exciting period science-business development. Do you want to be a part of building this future?

SCI aims to be ‘where science meets business’. What is the potential commercial application of your research?
Falling crops yields and governmental policy are driving land use stakeholders to investigate the addition of organic amendments. Traditional amendments however lack a fundamental understanding of the micro-scopic interactions driving their positive effects. My research offers a systematic approach to design and tailor biological organic amendments for specific geomaterial systems. This should further increase the ability of land use owners to improve soil fertility, agricultural production, and stabilisation/solidification of their land.

What do you hope to gain from your involvement with SCI?
The key aims I have for my involvement with SCI is;

  • To network and meet people from external institutions enthusiastic about developing novel ideas and taking them through to real world applications.
  • To gain mentoring from experts in working in the science – business interface.
  • To be involved in a fresh new challenge in something I am passionate about going forward during my research. I am constantly scrutinising my research with a business/real world application mindset. 

Samuel J Armistead
University of Sheffield, Chemical Biology and Civil Engineering

The University of Sheffield

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