Introducing SCI Ambassador, Teresa Ambrosio

Teresa Ambrosio“I have enjoyed everything about SCI so far, the mentoring scheme and the networking events I have attended”

What are your research interests?
I am currently developing novel and more sustainable methods for halogenation at unactivated C-H bonds with the ultimate objective of site-selective, late-stage halogenation of natural products and drugs.

How did you first get involved with SCI?
A friend of mine introduced me to SCI and I decided to become a member.

What do you hope to gain from your involvement with SCI?
My role as Ambassador gives me the opportunity to network with the Chemistry business world and facilitate my career outside academia after finishing my PhD.

Why would you encourage your peers to join SCI?
The University of Nottingham is well-known to encourage students in creating business out of their research. They provide trainings, entrepreneurial schemes and mentoring which students require to set up their own business. I believe that, in the field of Chemistry, SCI could provide Chemistry students with the same trainings, graduate-undergraduate schemes which they need to enter the chemistry business world.

Teresa Ambrosio
University of Nottingham

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