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19th February 2020
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Looking ahead

Posted 03/01/2013 by sevans

Firstly, may I wish all our blog-followers a very Happy and Healthy New Year! And secondly, ask what you think 2013 will bring both on a personal basis and also in the science world?

For C&I, January 2013 marks the first anniversary of its move to a monthly publishing schedule and an updated design. To judge from comments from readers these changes have been welcomed, and the design will continue to be reviewed and tightened up through this year. The publishing schedule has also been tuned to ensure copies of C&I are despatched as early in each month as possible.

Are there any changes that you would like to see regarding the design?

C&I will also continue to focus on the key challenges that have been identified by SCI for its activities: energy, water, food, health and wellbeing, materials, waste and the environment. What do you think will be the key scientific advances that need to occur to help the world address these challenges?  

Should it be a wider development and acceptance of GM foods? Will solar energy provide the solution to our future energy needs and how can its efficiency be improved? Can the energy requirements of water desalination be reduced to make it a cost effective route to clean water? What are the breakthroughs needed to improve the health of the world’s growing population? And what are your ideas for reducing waste and improving the environment?

Give us your thoughts and ideas and we will collect them for publication.

During 2012 in the UK, we proved that by mobilising people’s hopes and enthusiasm the country could work together to put on not one but three major events: the Queen’s Jubilee and two Olympics. By mobilising our scientific creativity, none of SCI’s key challenges are insurmountable.

You don’t have to offer a complete solution – but your idea might just be what is needed to kick-start the process. After all, that is what SCI is all about – sharing and networking.

Neil Eisberg - Editor

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