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19th February 2020
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Water, water everywhere

Posted 26/04/2016 by sevans

A new briefing paper published by the London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) examines environmentalists' statements about droughts and heatwaves and finds them to be highly misleading.

According to the new report, claims that droughts are getting worse are not supported in the scientific literature. And the report highlights that this is true for both on a global level and for the UK, where historical records indicate much longer and more severe droughts occurred long before human carbon dioxide emissions became significant.

In addition, the report notes that claims that ‘climate change’ was behind the conflicts in Darfur and Syria are be based on highly partisan scientific studies that ignore a host of conflicting evidence.

Andrew Montford, the author of the paper said: ‘Records of drought provide very little support for the idea that dry places are getting drier and this is true both of the UK and the world as a whole. Still, green activists are never going to spurn the opportunity to exploit every failure of the rains by blaming it on climate change.

'Droughts are bad news for those who have to endure them. But for politicians to indulge environmentalists' wild claims is dishonest.'

While there is no doubt that in many areas of the world there is a shortage of potable water, and groundwater supplies are being reduced at an alarming rate, we need to be careful about how the situation is presented if this report is to be believed.

Neil Eisberg - Editor

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