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23rd August 2010
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A cool way to store energy

Patrick Walter, 23/08/2010

The peaks and troughs of electricity demand could be smoothed out with a new energy storage system that harnesses off peak electricity and stores it as liquefied air.

Biology and computing join forces

Chris Adriaanse, 23/08/2010

A nano-transistor is set to blur the boundary between digital technologies and biological systems.

Biotech bananas combat bacteria

Andrew Turley, 23/08/2010

Researchers in Uganda have developed disease-resistant banana plants by inserting genes from green pepper plants into them.

BP’s woes continue at Texas City refinery

Neil Eisberg, 23/08/2010

Just when it thought that it could see the end of its Deepwater Horizon oil spill woes, Texas City has come back to haunt energy major BP.

Cold sore virus shows cancer cell killing promise

Emma Dorey, 23/08/2010

Recent results suggest that oncolytic vaccines using viruses that preferentially target cancer cells may be a promising way of treating the disease.

Fast detection of oral cancer at the dentist

Chris Adriaanse, 23/08/2010

Diagnosing oral cancer may soon be as simple as a quick trip to the dentist, and a lot less painful, thanks to a new integrated device.

FDA in stem cell therapy battle

Andrew Turley, 23/08/2010

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has requested a court injunction against a Colorado company that treats orthopaedic patients using their own stem cells.

Membrane makes light work of gas separation

Chris Adriaanse, 23/08/2010

Scientists have developed a lightcontrollable molecular valve to regulate the flow of gases.

New superbug opens debate in India

Vidya Krishnan, 23/08/2010

A new antibiotic resistant ‘superbug’ from India and Pakistan has made its way into UK hospitals.

Receipts hide dirty secret

Patrick Walter, 23/08/2010

Cash register receipts represent an unexpected source of exposure to the oestrogen-mimicking chemical bisphenol A (BPA).

US pharma majors power onwards

Neil Eisberg, 23/08/2010

The acquisition activity in the US pharmaceutical sector during 2009 has begun to come through in terms of sales increases in the US pharmaceutical companies’ Q2 2010 results.