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23rd August 2010
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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News in Brief

A significant milestone


Oxford researcher Richard Compton reached a significant milestone with the publication of his 1000th journal article and joins a select group of scientists to have achieved this target.

Cap and trade off the US agenda for years


Cap and trade is on hold in the US as the energy bill that used to contain these provisions was shelved until after the August recess.

Coatings without crack formation


Watching paint dry is a pleasure for some, particularly when it may lead to more durable coatings.

Digital molecules to monitor cell health


Information processing molecules could soon monitor the health of a cell and release an active compound when needed, scientists claim.

The effectiveness of psychotropic drugs


Measuring brainwaves may help doctors predict the effectiveness of psychotropic drugs

WHO declares H1N1 flu pandemic over


The H1N1 influenza pandemic, colloquially known as ‘swine flu’, has been declared officially over by the World Health Organization (WHO).