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2nd April 2012
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At the Tipping point?

Neil Eisberg, 02/04/2012

The Japanese disaster at Fukushima in March 2011 scuppered what many people considered a growing restoration of confidence in nuclear energy

Dying Arts

Lou Reade, 02/04/2012

Once upon a time, life was simple – and so was death. At the end of your life you were buried in a coffin, six feet deep, and that was that

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End of the road

Sean Milmo, 02/04/2012

The auto industry is under pressure throughout much of the world to increase vehicle recyclability, so that when cars reach the end of their lives as small a proportion as possible is sent to landfill

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Protecting nature’s assets

Maria Burke, 02/04/2012

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, a major international initiative hosted by United Nations Environment Programme, was established in 2007 to draw attention to the economic benefits of biodiversity

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Sunk without trace

Richard Corfield, 02/04/2012

One hundred years ago, at 23:40 hours on 14 April, 1912, the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic collided with an iceberg in the Grand Banks region of the North Atlantic

Treat yourself

Emma Dorey, 02/04/2012

When a medicine is prescribed to a patient, it is usually a gamble as to whether the drug will actually help

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