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13th August 2012
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Fast track science

Richard Corfield, 13/08/2012

At the first of the revived Olympic Games in 1896, 241 participants represented 14 nations; in London 2012, around 11,000 athletes, representing 204 countries, will compete

Fuel cocktail

Maria Burke, 13/08/2012

For a quick energy snack, it’s peanut butter or Nutella on toast for 400m hurdles’  world champion Dai Greene

Is the grass always greener?

Emma Davies, 13/08/2012

Inmates of the Frankenforst facility in Germany have no privacy. Kept under lock and key, their every move is monitored and their bodily functions scrutinised 24 hours/day

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Olympic build

Lou Reade, 13/08/2012

Building an Olympic stadium is astronomically expensive. The UK is not expected to get any change out of £500m

Personal proteins

Fintan Steela and Larry Gold, 13/08/2012

Medicine has always been ‘personalised.’ Good physicians of every age have examined patients and given their diagnosis, taking into account the patient’s symptoms and medical history

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