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14th January 2013
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Batting for a better 2013

Neil Sinclair, 14/01/2013

The European chemicals industry must feel rather like John Cleese as the batsman in the Monty Python sketch who describes how he is hit on the head by bouncers

Catching the counterfeits

Elizabeth Bajema, Toni Barstis & Marya Lieberman, 14/01/2013

Low quality or fake medications are a growing problem in the increasingly global pharmaceutical market. One widely counterfeited drug is the paracetamol-containing analgesic Panadol, known in the US as Tylenol

Fertile seas

Michael Gross, 14/01/2013

When dinosaurs roamed the Earth, there was much more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than today, and the climate was warmer. There were no permanent ice caps on the poles

Gut feeling

Lou Reade, 14/01/2013

They say ‘You are what you eat’. Now scientists are starting to realise the extent of the truth in this pearl of wisdom

New phage therapy

Erick Vandamme, 14/01/2013

‘The world may soon be faced with previously treatable diseases that have become untreatable just as in the pre-antibiotic era.’ This was the stark warning issued 12 years ago by US government agencies