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14th January 2013
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Biochemistry by any other name

Michael Gross, 14/01/2013

Biochemistry started out as the study of organic molecules made by living beings, including sugars, hormones, vitamins and peptides

Practical tips for researchers

Martin Beckett, 14/01/2013

A problem that few research chemists think about is how scalable is a synthetic route to a desired compound. Extremely toxic or dangerous reagents are often used, purifications can be time-consuming and tricky, and reaction yields can be appallingly low

The art of bomb disposal

Alan Dronsfield, 14/01/2013

Traditionally, most biographies start some years before their subject was born, summarising the lives of his/her parents and grandparents

Weighing up the costs

George B. Kauffman, 14/01/2013

Sustainability is all the rage today. Sustainable energy is primarily concerned with using energy wisely and introducing energy efficiency measures