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20th May 2013
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Analysis and data

Neil Eisberg, 20/05/2013

With increasing sophistication in analytical instrumentation has come an exponential growth in the quantities of data generated

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Cool technology

Jon Evans, 20/05/2013

HFCs and CFCs are both refrigerants, used to pump heat in fridges and air conditioning systems, and both have fallen foul of the environment. HFCs were introduced in the 1990s after CFCs were identified as the main culprit in the depletion of the ozone layer

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Plant power

Anthony King, 20/05/2013

The US Navy spectacularly demonstrated the power of algae with its ‘great green fleet’ demo in summer 2012. The super-carrier USS Nimitz and its strike force of F18 jet fighters set off from Hawaii powered by a 50/50 mix of regular fuels and algae biofuel with cooking oil

Saving our soils

Amir Kassam, Laila Kassam and Cary Clark, 20/05/2013

In April 2011, a dust storm in Northern Germany caused an 81 car pile-up killing seven people. What was the cause? Years of intensive soil tillage had left the uppermost layer of topsoil pulverised and exposed to wind and rain

Smart new world

Michael Gross, 20/05/2013

Up to a third of students at US universities may be using chemical help to boost their brain power when they are stressing over exams. Or maybe only 5% of them

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