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20th May 2013
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Global View

Postcard from North America: All clear for Plan B

Sarah Houlton, 20/05/2013

The use of the morning after pill has been rising in the US, fuelling the wider debate about health insurance coverage of contraceptive products

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Postcard from Europe: Bee prepared

Dede Williams, 20/05/2013

European farmers, beekeepers, pesticide manufacturers, conservationists and consumers are waiting to see what steps if any, the EU will take toward restricting or banning neonicotinoid pesticides

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Postcard from South America: Fostering innovation

Anna Jagger, 20/05/2013

While Brazil has benefited over the last decade from robust commodity prices and overseas investments, growth rates slowed right down in 2012 and there is a renewed emphasis on reviving local investments

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