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17th September 2015
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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A puzzling period

John Emsley, 17/09/2015

The reaction to Mendeleyev’s periodic classification of the elements, which he published in 1869, was very different in the three leading nations of Europe.
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Fast track

Kai Jarosch, 17/09/2015

Our exploitation of oxidation chemistry goes back to the discovery of fire. Admittedly, much time passed before we worked out the details of this process, but we did quite a bit with fire nonetheless.
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Hope for the elements

Andrei Khlobystov, 17/09/2015

Carbon is the most versatile chemical element with a unique ability to form a rich variety of complex compounds, which are the basis for life on Earth.
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Junk DNA – no rubbish

Michael Gross, 17/09/2015

The first sequencing of the human genome, which was completed in a preliminary version in 2000, revolutionised our understanding of human genetics – but not in the way that geneticists had anticipated.
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