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7th June 2016
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Analyse this

Neil Eisberg, 07/06/2016

Food analysis is more important than ever; not only to verify that the information on the package label actually correspond with the ingredients and additives
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Biochemicals outlook

Sean Milmo, 07/06/2016

Even when oil prices were in excess of $100 per barrel, prices of biochemicals were generally more expensive than their counterpart petrochemical derivatives.
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Grub's up

Emma Davies, 07/06/2016

Fancy a drizzle of fly larvae oil on your rocket salad? Or how about a sprinkling of toasted grasshoppers to top off your breakfast cereal?

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Emma Dorey, 07/06/2016

Balding eventually affects most men to some extent and 60-70% of women have thinning hair by age 70, often with knock-on effects on their self-esteem and identity.

Some like it hot

Jasmin Fox-Skelly, 07/06/2016

In the hot springs of Yellowstone Park, US; Iceland; New Zealand; and Russia, microbes thrive in temperatures up to 100°C. The volcanically heated waters can also be very acidic or alkaline, and yet despite these harsh conditions, there are single-celled bacteria, and the single-cell archaea, that thrive