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20th December 2017
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Computing clean energy Computing clean energy

High performance computing is supercharging research into clean energy solutions.

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009 Cotton plant

Killing fields

A. Nair, December 2017

Tragically, more than 300,000 Indian farmers committed suicide between 1995 and 2015. The latest, 2015, figures show a jump of 41% over the previous year.


022 Racing cars

Winning EV formula

Anthony King, December 2017

Battery developers are racing full speed ahead to develop new technologies for electric cars, but which one will ultimately win out remains to be seen.

Global View

Tighter rules

Charlotte Niemic, December 2017

Taiwan is beginning to tighten the rules and crack down on non-compliant chemical companies


Business digest

December 2017

Review the latest news and developments from the sector.


Movers and Shakers

December 2017


Is sugar so bad?

Dennis Rouvay, December 2017
sugar cover

A review of 'The case against sugar' by Gary Taubes


SCI faces up to the challenges of 2018

Sharon Todd, December 2017

2017 has been a year of change. SCI itself has undergone some major changes, from the development of a new website – going live next year – to the introduction of our Bright SCIdea Challenge to encourage entrepreneurship in students.

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