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20th December 2017
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Channel management

Guenther Eberhard and Juergen Mohrhauer, 20/12/2017

Guenther Eberhard and Juergen Mohrhauer look at enhancing the chemical industry value chain through the use of an indirect channel – distributors.
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Death drug

Katrina Megget, 20/12/2017

An influx of synthetic opioids, and particularly the drug fentanyl, is making the US opioid epidemic even worse.

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Informatics for QBD

Andrew Anderson, 20/12/2017

Andrew Anderson looks at some of the challenges that can be addressed with informatics solutions

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No quick fix

Michael Gross, 20/12/2017

The Haber process currently helps feed more than half the world, but might there be better, more energy-efficient ways of producing ammonia?

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Sniffing out malaria

Jasmin Fox-Skelly, 20/12/2017

Mosquitoes’ acute sense of smell could be the key to tackling malaria.

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Winning EV formula

Anthony King, 20/12/2017

Battery developers are racing full speed ahead to develop new technologies for electric cars, but which one will ultimately win out remains to be seen.