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18th April 2017
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Chaotic pleasure

Hal Sosabowski, 18/04/2017

In this book, Hayley Birch lays out her 50 favourite/best/most relevant chemistry concepts in, what appears to me, no particular order. Each one is dealt with in four easy-to-read pages with monochrome diagrams where relevant. I’m guessing the book is aimed at the general reader with an interest in science.

Drug busters

John Mann, 18/04/2017

There is a seemingly insatiable appetite for TV dramas about forensic science. While most of these involve an element of toxicology to determine cause of death, they give a false impression of the most important work carried out in contemporary forensic science labs.

To catch a criminal

John Bond, 18/04/2017

If one was asked to think of an expression that covered the extent of forensic science in criminal justice, then ‘from crime scene to court’ would seem to fit the bill. From the recovery of items, through to experimental analysis, interpretation and finally the expression of opinion in a courtroom, forensic science is a significant factor in the detection of many different offences.