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24th May 2017
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Bug power

Maria Burke, 24/05/2017

Microbial fuel cells harness bacteria to convert organic matter into electricity – for applications from sensors and diagnostics to wastewater treatment, Maria Burke reports.

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Cellular Computer

Michael Gross, 24/05/2017

Could living cells be the computers of the future? Researchers have developed DNA coding systems for performing simple computational processes inside cells, Michael Gross reports

Electric dream revival

Eric Johnson, 24/05/2017

Better batteries, a revamped image and huge government incentives…Could electric cars be finally gaining traction? Eric Johnson reports.

High Society

Sarah Houlton, 24/05/2017

With a growing number of US states voting to allow the use of cannabis, there are burgeoning opportunities for business in the cannabis industry, Sarah Houlton reports.

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Marketing wake-up call

Phil Allen, 24/05/2017

Phil Allen re-examines the definition of marketing and its role in innovation

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