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24th May 2017
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Alzheimers Unfolded

Cath O'Driscoll, 18/05/2017

Protein misfolding is the key step in the development of a host of neurodegenerative pathologies from Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s. Now, scientists have hit on a quite unexpected discovery - that a small molecule drug can stop this disease process from occurring and prevent misfolding of a much bigger protein structure.

Artificial womb

Maria Burke, 24/05/2017

An artificial womb could transform care for extremely premature babies by giving them a few invaluable weeks to develop their lungs and other organs. Its developers say that a decade from now these devices could take the place of incubators attached to ventilators.

Erupting nanoparticles

Cath O'Driscoll, 24/05/2017

Researchers in Finland have developed anticancer nanoparticles by exploiting an unusual chemical phenomenon that occurs around volcanoes in the deep oceans.

Polymer eating worm

Maria Burke, 24/05/2017

A type of caterpillar called a wax worm can break down polyethylene (PE), which is notoriously difficult to degrade, according to Spanish researchers. And not only does the worm degrade the plastic, it converts it into ethylene glycol.

Silica caged vaccines

Anthony King, 24/05/2017

Many vaccines comprise proteins or protein fragments that degrade at room temperature. Their storage and distribution demands continuous refrigeration resulting in millions of doses being lost each year. Now, chemists at the University of Bath have shown how silica cages can protect the fragile proteins, potentially prolonging their shelf life.

Water cleaning bug polymer

Kathryn Roberts, 24/05/2017

Frost &Sullivan estimates the global market for industrial wastewater treatment technology at $26bn in 2016 - growing at around 5.8%/year. However, clean water technologies currently used by industry – filtration using adsorbents such as activated carbon and chemical oxidation – are energy intensive and expensive.