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25th July 2017
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At the crossroads

Neil Eisberg , 26/07/2017

Pharma event CPhi moves to North America to join Informex in Philadelphia. Neil Eisberg reports

Beating the blues

Katrina Megget, 26/07/2017

Horse tranquiliser and party drug ketamine is being touted as the new wonder drug to treat depression, reports Katrina Megget

Branching out

Cath O’Driscoll , 26/07/2017

Declining paper sales have spurred mill owners to diversify their operations into other potentially more lucrative areas – including biomaterials, Cath O’Driscoll reports

Dealing with the asbestos legacy

Anthony King, 26/07/2017

Asbestos may seem like a nasty problem of the past, but not so. Half the world has banned it, but its legacy in old buildings remains; the other half still use it even though alternatives exist. Anthony King reports

Heavyweight medicine

Lou Reade , 26/07/2017

Advances in cancer treatment and diagnosis are helping to identify tumours with greater certainty, then treat them with greater precision than ever before, Lou Reade reports