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12th September 2017
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A particulate problem

Anthony King, 13/09/2017

The bad news about particulate matter keeps flowing, while adverse health effects are even being felt at relatively low pollution levels.

Making the hard cell

Sarah Houlton, 13/09/2017

Cell and gene therapies are starting to reach the market, and many more are likely to gain authorisation in the near future, but they pose significant manufacturing challenges.

Changing history

Neil Eisberg, 13/09/2017

Looking beyond 2020 was a key theme at the 2017 Helsinki Chemicals Forum.


Jon Evans, 13/09/2017

Novel technologies to detect microscale cracks in situ, as and where cracking first starts to occur, should allow us to pinpoint and repair areas at risk of damage sooner, saving time and money.

Reversing paralysis

Katrina Megget, 13/09/2017

Patients suffering from paralysis can at last look forward to a time when their condition is cured, and they can walk, run or move their damaged limbs again.