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17th October 2017
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Issue62018_Asphalt not trashphalt Asphalt not 'trashphalt'


biosensing contact lenses

Full contact

Maria Burke, October 2017

Researchers have turned their attention to ‘smart’ contact lenses, exploiting miniaturised electronics and transparent conducting materials. In future, it may be that our lenses won’t just improve vision, but will also monitor biomarkers of disease.


Product Focus

Metrohm Product Focus


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International Youth DayAugust 15, 2016


Business digest

October 2017

Review the latest news and developments from the sector.


Oceans apart

Neil Eisberg, October 2017

The recent spate of devastating hurricanes that hit the Caribbean and the US, making the 2017 season one of the worst for many years, has refocused attention on the potential economic impact of global warming


Movers and Shakers

October 2017

Global View

Pharma promise

Anna Jagger, October 2017

Despite the country’s recent financial turmoil and political scandals, Brazil remains one of the most promising pharmaceutical markets in the world


Mediterranean fruits

Simon Cotton, October 2017

Olive trees, Olea europaea, have been around for thousands of years, predominantly in the Mediterranean. Ancient Greece and Palestine seem to have taken a leading role in its culture and export of its oil across the waters.