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29th November 2017
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Issue62018_Asphalt not trashphalt Asphalt not 'trashphalt'


010 wetland team

Self-powered wetlands

Cath O’Driscoll, November 2017

Nature’s wetlands are brilliant at cleaning up wastewater. Litre for litre, artificial ecosystems created with wetland plants and microbes are 1/20th the cost of standard municipal wastewater treatment plants.


022 wine

Grape expectations

Michael Gross, November 2017

Climate change has already shifted harvest dates for wine by up to two weeks. Within the next few decades, many wine growers will need to adapt methods or migrate to higher latitudes.


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International Youth DayAugust 15, 2016

Global View


Sarah Houlton, November 2017

Donald Trump’s mission to dismantle his predecessor’s legacy continues apace.


Movers and Shakers

November 2017


A nuclear guide

Simon Cooke, November 2017
nuclear cover

A review of 'Principles of nuclear chemistry' by Peter A C McPherson.


Fifty shades of Brexit

Neil Eisberg, November 2017

When singer/songwriter Paul Simon wrote ‘Fifty ways to leave your lover’, he would have had no idea that the European Chemical Industries Council (Cefic) would re-work it for its 2017 annual Chemical Congress in Vienna into ‘Fifty ways to leave the EU’.