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7th February 2018
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Broken heart fix

Jasmin Fox-Skelly, 07/02/2018

Manipulating a biochemical pathway that is important in embryonic development may pave the way for new treatments for heart disease.
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Efficient energy

Nigel Thompson, 07/02/2018

As energy prices continue to rise and the chemicals industry continues to strive towards greater sustainability, combined heat and power (CHP) looks like an increasingly attractive option.

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Fishy business

Emma Davies, 07/02/2018

Land-based fish farms that avoid the need to transport products over long distances are gaining in popularity.

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Light without lenses

Michael Gross, 07/02/2018

Alternative methods of manipulating light are making traditional lenses redundant and opening up new possibilities in imaging, communication, and beyond.

Making memories

Lou Reade, 07/02/2018

A range of exotic materials – and new techniques – could lead to data storage technologies with 100 times the density of existing systems.

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