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6th December 2018
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Biomass forecasting

Lars Wietschel, 06/12/2018

Biomass is a vital component in helping to meet the demands of the growing bioeconomy.

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Managing compliance

Dale Pittock, 06/12/2018

Any supply chain is complex, but when it involves the manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, any break in the chain is unacceptable. The question is, when a third-party supplier, manufacturer or packager makes a mistake, who is responsible? Here, I explain how to manage pharmaceutical packaging regulatory compliance.

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Retrospective digitalisation

Nick Boughton, 06/12/2018

According to the Annual Manufacturing Report, 2018, four in five manufacturers believe that smart factory technologies will improve their supply chain relationships.

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Why risk it?

Mark Davison, 06/12/2018

The Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) imposes strict serialisation requirements on pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and dispensers.

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