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17th April 2018
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A growing thirst

Michael Gross, 17/04/2018

Providing drinking water for a growing urban population is a major worldwide challenge.

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Longer life in the freezer

Jasmin Fox-Skelly, 17/04/2018

Storing and preserving donor body parts at sub-zero temperatures promises a new lifeline for those awaiting organ transplants, Jasmin Fox-Skelly reports.

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Natural healing

Lou Reade, 17/04/2018

Nature is providing the inspiration for a range of novel self-repairing materials, Lou Reade reports.

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Organs made to order

Anthony King, 17/04/2018

A shortage of donor organs for transplant surgery is fuelling research to develop artificial livers and hearts, but how closely do they match up to the real thing? Anthony King reports.

Polyolefin futures

Neil Eisberg, 17/04/2018

Challenges and opportunities were addressed at the Future of Polyolefins conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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