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15th May 2018
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A new dawn for fusion energy?

Michael Gross, 15/05/2018

After many false starts, a new generation of fusion researchers is hopeful that the energy of the stars will be ready in time to help combat climate change.

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AI in industry

Jasmin Fox-Skelly, 15/05/2018

The availability of big data and advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the face of R&D in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries.

Hear hear

Katrina Megget, 15/05/2018

Researchers predict that the first drugs to prevent hearing loss are poised to become available within the next five years.

Re-finer future

Sean Milmo, 15/05/2018

The low-carbon economy is coming more quickly than expected, hastening the development of alternatives to petrochemical-derived chemicals.

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Surfactant futures

Neil Eisberg, 15/05/2018

Fossil or bio-based surfactants – the challenges and opportunities from Amsterdam.

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