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11th September 2018
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Chemicals Managements

Neil Eisberg, 11/09/2018

Chemicals management executives celebrated the anniversaries of REACH and ECHA at the Helsinki Chemicals Forum. Neil Eisberg reports

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Nano Futures

Victoria Hattersley, 11/09/2018

From monitoring our heart rate and generating renewable energy to keeping astronauts safe in space, a number of novel applications for carbon nanotubes have emerged in recent months, Victoria Hattersley reports.

Urban Mining

Michael Gross, 11/09/2018

Silver from washing machine waste, gold from incinerated sludge, selenium from wastewater – an increasing number of projects recover valuable elements from waste and turn a net profit, Michael Gross reports.

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Water World

Vanessa Zainzinger, 11/09/2018

A shrinking supply of freshwater is encouraging chemical engineers to look for creative ways to make desalination sustainable and cheap.

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