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8th November 2018
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Changing times

Sean Milmo, 08/11/2018

The UK chemical industry faces two major challenges: those posed by Brexit and the long-term changes to the global chemicals market.

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Disinfectant threat

Vanessa Zainzinger, 08/11/2018

Disinfectants are our most valuable defence against the spread of infectious diseases.

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Mini brains

Anthony King, 08/11/2018

Will human mini-brains grown in the lab prove to be a better alternative to mice models or 2D cell cultures for studying complex diseases like Alzheimer’s, autism and brain tumours?

Sugar-free sweetness

Jasmin Fox-Skelly, 08/11/2018

As diabetes, obesity and heart disease rates soar, food and drink companies are on the lookout for the perfect natural replacement for sugar.

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