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13th November 2019
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Artificial muscles on the move

Emma Davies, 13/11/2019

Scientists are starting to flex their muscles by making novel materials that can contract and relax when driven by an electric, thermal, or chemical stimulus, Emma Davies reports

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Drugs from bugs

Vanessa Zainzinger, 13/11/2019

With the looming threat of more drug-resistant pathogens, scientists are looking to untapped resources and ecosystems to find new antimicrobial compounds, Vanessa Zainzinger reports.

Green revolution

XiaoZhi Lim, 13/11/2019

Innovations in reactors and processes promise to make the chemical industry smaller, safer and more efficient, XiaoZhi Lim reports

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Let there be light

Michael Gross, 13/11/2019

New methods expand the range of reactions triggered by light, but scaling up photochemical syntheses to industrial level remains an important challenge, Michael Gross reports

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