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13th November 2019
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Applied chemistry

Nigel P Freestone, 13/11/2019

Atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased from 278 to 408 parts per million (ppm) over the industrial period and has critically impacted climate change.

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Kevin Burgess, 13/11/2019

CLIPS (Chemical LInkage of Peptides onto Scaffolds) is a methodology originally reported by Timmerman and co-workers at Pepscan (ChemBioChem, 2005, 6, 821), then developed and reported by them frequently in the literature, most recently in ACS Comb. Sci. (acscombsci.9b00081).

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Organic chemistry

G. Richard Stephenson, 13/11/2019

The concentrations of reactants are fundamentally important in the rate equations that determine how fast chemical reactions proceed. Even so, there is a tendency to underestimate how significant proximity effects can be in accelerating chemical reactions.

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