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13th November 2019
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A vote for women scientists

Robin Perutz, 13/11/2019

In 1910, the French magazine Les Hommes du Jour, literally Men of the Day, published a cover article about Marie Curie, entitled Madame Pierre Curie.

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Conditions for life

Dennis Rouvray, 13/11/2019

A study of the origins of life on Earth is at best a challenging enterprise.

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Feeding the nine billion

John Emsley, 13/11/2019

In the second half of the last century, the chemical industries were under attack and blamed for causing adverse effects to humans and the environment.

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Thermodynamics in today’s world

Michael Gross, 13/11/2019

Curiosity-driven, fundamental science and the applied sciences have often had a slightly tense relationship because they are competing for funds and attention, and the applied sciences have the advantage of being able to promise prompt payback.

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