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11th December 2019
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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DNA drugs

Katrina Megget, 11/12/2019

DNA or oligonucleotide-based therapeutics to treat genetic diseases are coming of age. However, drug delivery of such relatively large molecules remains a challenge, Katrina Megget reports

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Greener solvents

Lou Reade, 11/12/2019

An industrial solvent derived from sawdust, and a process to harvest valuable chemicals from wastewater, are two examples of how ‘green’ extraction processes are on the rise. Lou Reade reports

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Reinventing Plastics

Anthony King, 11/12/2019

A rising tide of public awareness about plastic waste and its impact on the environment is spurring the development of new polymer chemistries and routes to recycle polymers. Anthony King reports

Wooden wonders

Jasmin Fox-Skelly, 11/12/2019

Since the advent of the first skyscraper more than 100 years ago, steel and concrete have been the default structural materials for tall buildings. However, wooden towers – plyscrapers – are now sprouting up around the world. Jasmin Fox-Skelly reports

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