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13th February 2019
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Better food faster

Anthony King, 13/02/2019

Precision gene editing has the potential to dramatically speed the development of new crop varieties to provide us with more healthy and flavourful foods.

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Elephant Fuel

Elisabeth Jeffries, 13/02/2019

As efforts to sequester carbon emissions from coal-fired power stations falter, a new form of carbon sequestration has grown up that could replace it fast.

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Fuelled by photons

Richard Corfield, 13/02/2019

It took the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft 12 years to reach Saturn and Titan.

In the spotlight

Neil Eisberg, 13/02/2019

Polyolefins are back in the headlines again, but the focus is on their environmental impact.

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No sweat

Jasmin Fox-Skelly, 13/02/2019

All current antiperspirants use aluminium salts to block sweat.

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