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20th March 2019
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Computing clean energy Computing clean energy

High performance computing is supercharging research into clean energy solutions.

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005 Artic birds web

Arctic superbugs

Anthony King, March 2019

Scientists studying DNA in soil samples from Svalbard in the High Arctic have discovered a surprisingly large number of clinically-important antibiotic resistance genes.


030 Digi display web

Computing clean energy

Vanessa Zainzinger, March 2019

High performance computing is supercharging research into clean energy solutions.


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Business digest

March 2019

UK headquartered Abcam, a global life sciences company, has acquired US-based Calico Biolabs.


Organic chemistry

G. Richard Stephenson, March 2019

Transition metal carbene complexes are important intermediates in catalytic cycles.


Alien experiments

Cath O'Driscoll, March 2019

How lucky are we to be alive? Far too lucky.


Out of the box

Dale Pittock, March 2019

Statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) estimate that up to 10% of all medication sold is counterfeit.


Movers and shakers

March 2019

US gene therapy company Abeona Therapeutics, headquartered in Dallas, has appointed João Siffert as CEO.