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17th May 2019
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Fighting the superbugs

Kathryn Roberts, 17/05/2019

Antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics poses a huge threat. But are new antibiotics the answer or should we be looking for alternative approaches to killing these superbugs?

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Perfect skin

Jasmin Fox-Skelly, 17/05/2019

Applying ‘good bacteria’ to the skin could cure eczema, fight infections and improve sensitive skin. So could they be the key to healthy unblemished skin?

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Skin deep

Maria Burke, 17/05/2019

Artificial skin just became more realistic after scientists have harnessed solar energy to power sensors capable of making it more touch-sensitive.

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Tree-hugging biotech

Anthony King, 17/05/2019

Anthony King reports on progress towards controlling a new influx of recent tree pathogens, and asks: can biotechnology rescue forests from alien invaders?