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10th July 2019
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A magical mystical journey

John Mann, 10/07/2019

When I was writing books about psychedelic drugs, for example, Turn on and tune in and Chasms of delight, I read most of the books and scientific papers on LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) and its discoverer Albert Hofmann. So, I feel I know well this remarkable man, who died in 2008 aged 102, having become the world’s leading expert on the ergot alkaloids and LSD.

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Exploring the web of life

Dennis Rouvray, 10/07/2019

For many decades it has been suspected that chemistry and physics alone are not enough to account for the existence and behaviour of living systems. Even some of the simplest of forms of life can perform tasks that human engineers have no hope of matching. The most stunning example is perhaps that of a single fertilised human egg cell, which develops first into a fetus and ultimately into a mature adult. Apart from the chemical and physical processes involved, much speculation has focused on what else may be required to carry out such prodigious feats.

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