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5th September 2019
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Charge ahead

Sean Milmo, 05/09/2019

The race is on, particularly in Europe, to build battery production capacity to take advantage of what is likely to be a massive switch to electric powered cars and other light duty vehicles, Sean Milmo reports.

Managing Risk

Neil Eisberg, 05/09/2019

As part of its review of chemicals management, the 2019 Helsinki Chemicals Forum also tackled the circular economy as well as plastics pollution. Neil Eisberg reports

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Mining for ideas

Michael Gross , 05/09/2019

Deteriorating US-China trade relations make it all the more important to find more sustainable high-performance magnets to replace the traditional rare earth metals, reports Michael Gross

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Re-thinking PVC

Neil Eisberg, 05/09/2019

At a time when the focus on plastics is centred on sustainability and recyclability, the main attention is on post-consumer waste – post-industrial waste is mainly ignored. One polymer that does figure in post-industrial waste, however, stands out due to what many in the industry say is its undeserved poor reputation: polyvinylchloride (PVC). While the polymer has often been criticised, they claim it can fairly be described as one of the more sustainable and recyclable of all the thermoplastic resins.

The pollinator

Vanessa Zainzinger, 05/09/2019

With numbers of insect pollinators declining alarmingly in recent years, scientists are finding novel ways to help bees and other insects thrive, reports Vanessa Zainzinger.

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