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5th September 2019
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Good to eat

K. Clive Thompson , 05/09/2019

Acrylamide is a water-soluble substance with the simple chemical formula C3H5NO. It is regarded as a hazardous chemical because it adversely affects the central nervous system, male reproduction and development, as well as being carcinogenic in mice and rats. An evaluation by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) finds that acrylamide is ‘probably’ carcinogenic for humans. However, while there is evidence from epidemiological and toxicity studies to show that acrylamide is carcinogenic in rodents, such evidence is lacking with respect to the health risk in humans resulting from food exposure.

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Seeing the light

Simon Cotton , 05/09/2019

Just as our everyday lives rely on seeing things, so they also depend upon radiation outside the confines of the visible region, the ‘light we cannot see’, as the author Bob Berman calls it. This book represents a fascinating journey across the spectrum of invisible light, from the discoveries of the past to the applications of the present.

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