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9th October 2019
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Attack on stroke

Jasmin Fox- Skelly , 09/10/2019

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the US and the leading cause of adult disability, yet no new drug treatment has been approved in 20 years. But now a range of therapies are entering human trials, Jasmin Fox-Skelly reports.

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Managing volatility

Kiran Pudi, 09/10/2019

Political instability, competition and digitisation are having a dramatic impact on the chemicals sector, reports Kiran Pudi, senior director at Simon Kucher

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ME too blood test

Maria Burke , 09/10/2019

People suffering from debilitating and often discounted chronic fatigue syndrome – also known as ME – may soon have something they’ve been seeking for decades: scientific proof of their ailment. Maria Burke reports

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Transfer of power

Lou Reade, 09/10/2019

Any mobile electronic device – from a phone to an environmental sensor – requires a power supply. And while modern batteries are sophisticated, they are not infallible. Who, for instance, can say that their phone has never died on them?

Zombie killing drugs

Anthony King, 09/10/2019

Killing senescent or zombie cells that have stopped dividing could slow or prevent many diseases linked to ageing such as lung infections, heart disease, osteoarthritis and even diabetes. Anthony King reports

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