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9th October 2019
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Advanced materials

Arno Kraft, 09/10/2019

A ‘living’ polymerisation has no termination step in the absence of impurities. Living ionic polymerisations, in particular, are very powerful tools for making polymeric materials with precisely controlled molecular weight and a narrow polydispersity. Controlled polymerisations are closely related and ‘almost living’, that is termination is unlikely but can still happen – usually at high conversion when monomer molecules become scarce.

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Kevin Burgess, 09/10/2019

Every so often someone demonstrates viability of an idea that is elegant because of its simplicity. Perrin’s group at the University of British Columbia has impressed me this way twice; firstly with their 18F capture-agents for positron emission tomography, and the second just appeared (Angew. Chem, doi: 10.1002/anie.201906514).

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